pucka [puhk-uh] – adjective.  Absolutely genuine, honest, authentic, high quality, real.

At Pucka we’re all about body and mind and getting the very most out of every single day. “Let’s live life to the fullest, push the boundaries and challenge the status quo.

We don’t want to slow people down by talking about ‘making time for breakfast’; instead we are providing a solution for the world we all live in”. Get the most out of every day with Pucka.

How it all began

Samuel Tyler, owner and founder of Bircher muesli brand, Pucka; produces a pure energy breakfast alternative for an on-the-go lifestyle. New Zealand born, he’s grown up with an outdoor and active lifestyle, pursuing endurance sports as a passion from a young age.  Having travelled the world, he’s returned home to develop something he sees lacking globally; a pure energy breakfast made from all natural ingredients that gives the body the perfect balance of super-foods, probiotics and natural sugars to fuel the body and mind through to lunchtime.

The light-bulb moment

“I wanted to create a product that would give me the boost I need in the morning and sustain me through to lunch.  I was living in London at the time and there wasn’t anything that was fresh, natural and tasted good”. On returning to NZ, Samuel began his quest to change the way New Zealanders kick-start their body & mind in the morning by providing an honest breakfast that’s ready-to-go.

Food science is at the core of Pucka’s approach, “I see food as fuel for the body and mind, if the food doesn’t give me the outcome I want, I wont eat it.  It’s that simple.  I know not everybody views food in this way, but I believe that if I can offer New Zealanders a breakfast alternative that sets them up to get more from everyday, they will be able to make a smarter choice in the morning and feel better for it”.

Pucka |Your best, every day!




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